Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Market Hacking Prediction Program?

Using ancient Chinese astrology methodology and modern market analytics, we have developed a proprietary market prediction system capable of predicting market price movement with high level of accuracy. Through Market Hacking Prediction Program, we share these market predictions with our subscribers allowing them to benefit directly by trading or investing in the selected market.

How do I join Market Hacking Prediction Program?

Go to and proceed with account registration. You will have access to our exclusive Telegram channel for paid subscribers after signup is complete.

Do you offer a trial for your paid subscription?

Yes, we offer 7 Days Trial for all paid subscribers to have a first-hand experience of our unlimited Market Predictions accuracy. Users may choose to renew or discontinue their subscription at the end of trial period. 

Do you provide free Market Prediction?

Yes, we have a free Telegram channel specially created to share our free Market Prediction. Click on the link to join our Telelgram channel;

What is the difference between your free Telegram channel and paid Telegram channel?

In our free Telegram channel, market predictions shared are lesser compared to our paid Telegram channel where subscribers enjoy unlimited amount of accurate market predictions.

What does every Market Prediction comprise of?

Every Market Prediction comprise of a precise Market Entry point, Take Profit point and a Stop Loss point. 

How many Market Prediction do you provide in a day?

We are unable to promise the number of Market Prediction given out daily as they are generated whenever pricing opportunities are presented. We never wish to give out any Market Prediction solely for the sake of fulfilling a quota figure. A good estimate will be between 1-5 Market Prediction every day (excluding weekends where most markets are closed) 

What time do you send your Market Prediction?

Market Prediction can be send at any time of the day when right opportunities are presented and identified by our system.

I have never invested or traded in the Market before. Is this program suitable for me?

This program is suitable from amateur to experienced level investors/traders. As we have already mapped out the difficult technical details (entry price, stop loss, take profit level), the rest is simply to copy our information and apply it to our own personal trades.

Can you trade or invest for us?

Unfortunately, we are unable to trade or invest for our subscribers.

How do I receive your Market Prediction?

All Market Prediction will be posted in our official Telegram channel. Exclusive Priority Membership subscribers will receive SMS, Email and Telegram notification making sure they do not miss out any opportunities.

Is your Market Prediction a financial advise?

No, our Market Prediction does not constitute and shall not be considered as a financial advise. As stated clearly in our disclaimer and terms of use policy, users should be aware of all the risks associated with trading and investing. Professional advice shall be seek from an independent financial advisor for any doubts clarification.

How accurate is your Market Prediction?

Our Market Prediction has a record of high accuracy and close correlation with market pricing. Do check out our Facebook page and Telegram channel for our past performance postings. (Do take note past results does not guarantee future performance, users are advise to conduct their own risk assessment before placing any trades with our Market Prediction)

Do you guarantee my losses?

As much as we aim to provide a high accuracy of trades for our users, losses can occur when market price move against our Market Prediction. Unfortunately, we do not guarantee any losses incur for our users, same stand with us not taking any commission for our members’ winning. All subscribers are expected to follow risk management practise. 

How do I see the past results of your Market Prediction?

You can check out our past results at Facebook page or Free Telegram channel

How do I contact your team for my enquiries?

You may drop an email to us at for all of your enquiries.

Subscription & Payment

Is Market Hacking Prediction Program limited to any country’s citizen?

No, our Market Prediction are not limited to any country’s citizen.

What is the payment frequency for paid subscription?

We offer both monthly and yearly payment frequency for our paid subscription.

What is the difference between Monthly and Yearly paid subscription?

Yearly payment subscribers get to enjoy additional savings of $1,069, with Free 3 Months of subscription (worth $591) and Free Pamp Suisse Gold Bar and God of Wealth Gold Ingot (worth $478).

Do you offer refund for my paid subscription?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any refund for our paid subscription. Users have a 7 days trial period to use our service and determine carefully if they wish to continue after their trial period is up.

How many trial subscriptions can I sign up to?

Every phone number is entitled to one 7 days trial of our paid subscription. Repeated number signup will be disbarred from signing up.

Why is there a $7 fee for the trial service?

This small fee serves as a minor commitment for our subscribers to continue using our Market Prediction after signing up. The $7 amount is relatively low compared to the value of service our subscribers received during these 7 days period.

Exclusive Priority Membership

What is Exclusive Priority Membership?

This membership provides multiple reminders and timely notifications of a new Market Prediction with SMS, Email and Telegram notifications. Non-membership subscribers will only receive Telegram notifications. Members also get to access to Exclusive Priority Email Support service where their enquiry will be prioritised, with a dedicated email address for direct correspondence.

What is the dedicated email address for Exclusive Priority Members?

Members will receive this dedicated email address in the signup email for future correspondence.

Why is this membership necessary?

It is important for subscribers to react swiftly to our market predictions as market prices moves and change at an extremely fast pace. This membership service helps subscribers to enter and exit the market at the earliest opportunity by not missing out any notification.

Why do I receive an invoice for payment every 3 months?

- Membership fee of $57 is billed every quarterly ($19/month). At the end of 3 months period, members will receive payment invoice for the renewal of their Exclusive Priority Membership.


How many lot/contracts size should I get into?

This is subjectively up to every individual’s risk preference. We advise users to practise appropriate risk management and not to overexpose their financial position.

Can I exit at a Stop Loss/Take Profit point different from your Market Prediction?

Our Market Prediction pricing level derives from what we determine is the best pricing from our analytics standpoint. If users have a different opinion, please feel free to edit as accordingly.

Can I enter at a Entry Price different from your Market Prediction?

Our Market Prediction pricing level derives from what we determine is the best pricing from our analytics standpoint. If users have a different opinion, please feel free to edit as accordingly.

Can you recommend a broker for account opening?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend broker for our subscribers due to the conflicting interest of remuneration. By recommendation it may insinuate a commission payment from the respective broker which is not align with our company’s business model.